My newest masterpiece! #TPTSELLERCHALLENGE

Hello again!  I am participating in this week's TpT Seller Challenge!  If you are interested in joining us, you can find that info HERE!

So, the product that I created is one that I have been thinking about for ages.  I bought the clipart, borders, and backgrounds a while ago, and just couldn't get started.  Well, thanks to the challenge it is now a reality!  Hurrah!  Without further ado, introducing: Verb Villains!
Verb worksheets, verb games, verb posters, verb printables

This Verb unit has everything that you need to teach your kiddos all about verbs!
It includes:
Posters for the Verb Types:
· Action Verbs
· Linking Verbs
· Past and Present Tense Verbs
· Irregular Verbs
· Practice page (to be copied double sided) for each of the above skills.
Three Verb Games!
 · Action Verb Act-it Out
· Verb sort with a recording sheet
· Verb Villain  matching game.
· Each game:
· Front cover page (could easily be glued onto the front of a clasp envelope)
· Student direction page
· Teacher direction page.
· Also includes: answer keys,  an Action and Linking classroom search, and an end of unit

To celebrate this bad boy being completed, it is a steal at 50% right now!  It would be criminal not to snatch it up! Click on the picture  to get yours! :)

Verb Unit, teaching verbs, verb posters, verb activities, verb worksheets


  1. Cute product! I bet kids will love the clip art! I'll add it to my wish list in case I teach ELA in the future!


    1. Thank you Julie! I love the villain clipart as well! It worked out nicely! Monster Wrangler Mike has some AMAZING eclectic clipart!

  2. I love this product! I am always trying to find new ways to teach grammar! This is perfect!
    Moore to Learn

    1. Thanks Kristen for stopping by! Grammar by nature is rather dry, so I try to find ways to spice it up a bit!

  3. What a great idea! The villains freak me out a bit, but I know my kiddos would LOVE them!

    1. I was a little worried about that. My boys thought it was awesome, so I went ahead. I tried to make it fun rather than scary!

  4. That product looks amazing! Kids would love the villains theme for sure.
    First Grade Found Me


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