Summer Bucket List!

I am linking up today with What the Teacher Wants for her Summer Bucket List linky!  I am soooo excited to be on Summer Vacation!  This was a challenging year on several levels and I NEEDED this break!  Hurrah!
So, for my Summer Bucket List:

I plan to read:

I will confess that I haven't started either of them yet.  I have been reading for pleasure like a fiend since school got out!  I am on a Jodi Picoult kick right now.  I just LOVE her books!

Life can throw you curve balls.  I had just resigned myself to the fact that I just wasn't going to go to the Teachers Pay Teachers conference in Vegas this year.  I was fine with looking at all of the posts on Facebook about meet-up and presenters and all of the fun things that were going to happen.
Then, I was contacted by another bloggy friend who needed someone to go with! I had a great month in May so I decided to go!  Yeah!  Nothing like a last minute trip to Vegas!  I am sooooooo excited!

We are HUGE Harry Potter fans here at Primary Planet Headquarters.  We went down to Universal Studios last summer to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and we LOVED it!
I was ready to quit my teaching job to go down there and teach kids to cast spells (that would still be teaching wouldn't it?)  We can't wait to go back (well, me and my boys...Hubba, not quite as much!)

So, my Summer bucket list is pretty short, but sweet!
What is on your Summer Bucket List?  You can join us by going here and checking out what everyone else is up to this summer!


  1. I love your blog! It's so cute. I am also going to be reading Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites this summer-let me know what you think of it. Have a great summer :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by Elizabeth! I can't wait to do all of my reading!


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