Makeover Madness! #tptsellerchallenge!

I am particpating in the #tptsellerchallenge!  I am soooooo excited about the first challenge!  Makeover Madness!

I have been working on making over all of my writing prompts products for a while now, so it is nice to have another one our of the way!
When I first created these I used a myriad of borders, and only had 3 choices of lines.  With the makeover however:

My kiddos love these prompts!  They have such a great time with the characters and super silliness!  Here is an example of a super creative kiddo (she wanted girl characters!)
She did a great job making over the boys didn't she?

These prompts are perfect to leave with a substitute, for free writing, writing centers, and those "I don't know what to write about" kiddos!
My Super Silly Pick a Prompts will be on sale this week for 1/2 off {HERE}!
Thanks for stopping by to check out my Makeover!


  1. Fantastic update! It looks wonderful!

  2. Much better! Doesn't that feel good to do?

  3. Love the update! I've recently been adding two different options for all writing lines too, since it provides instant differentiation depending on your kiddies' skill levels.

    Great makeover :)

    Fun With Firsties


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