This is an AMAZING blog post..really! Okay, maybe I am just giving something away.

Thanks to D.J. Inkers for the fun fireworks clip!

So, I am totally at a loss of what to blog about today. 

I really wanted to do an AMAZING blog post to go with my giveaway, but alas... Is that bloggers block?  
I want to do a final "New Name, New Design"  giveaway and end my giveaway with a bang.  
Okay, so maybe just giving away $50 to Teachers Pay Teachers is enough.  I think it might be! Enter below (this is not a gift certificate to just my store.  If you win, you are not obligated to spend it on my store or any of my items.  It is for anything you would like to purchase on TpT!)  Good luck!


  1. Love your's OUT OF THIS WORLD! So fun!! :)

  2. Ha! I've been experiencing blogger's block for months now! I'm off to enter the giveaway...Thanks!

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