Super Sale!

I will be honest.  I am not a sports fan!  (this offends some of my students to no end).  I honestly don't even know who is playing in the Super Bowl this year (GASP!).  But, I know that I like to shop and I LOVE TPT, so perfect way to spend my Super Bowl Day!

EVERYTHING in my store will be 20% off and one mystery item will only be $1!

Stock up on all the stuff that you are going to need for Feb. like...a fun way to get your kiddos writing:

Or maybe you are looking for a way to increase number sense and vocabulary in your students:

or maybe you want to take advantage of a discount on my bundled products:
Writing:  The ULTIMATE Pick a Prompt Bundle!  ALL of my Pi   Number and Word of the Day Winter Bundle!

Nightly Reading Log and Reading Response Journals!

I also put one item on sale for $1!  I'll give you a hint, it might come in handy next month!  Whatever you are looking for this is the time! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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