Win a Year-long MobyMax Pro subscription!

So, do you MobyMax?
I had never heard of MobyMax until about a month ago and boy am I glad I did!
My 6th grader has been using it at school, so when I started asking around about it he knew exactly what I was talking about and shared his experiences with me.
"It's cool mom!  It has games and badges and stuff."

So, I was intrigued.  
My class was too!

It is kid friendly, inviting, and easy to use!  The kiddos loved the activities and were especially taken with the games.
I loved it that they had to have so many minutes of "learning" time before they could access the games!  It has lots of fun interactive activities for Reading, Math, and Test prep.  It also has an option to add your own Writing activities!

The generous folks at MobyMax are giving a Year-long MobyMax Pro subscription to one of my readers!  Enter below!
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