A Peek at Last Week

Oh my goodness!  Isn't that kitty just adorable?  Thanks to The TLC shop for the kitty, Creative Clips for the Elements and KG fonts for the font!

Wow!  Can this time of year get any busier? I am trying to help organize my blog life and my school life!  So, I thought that a weekly "peek" might help me stay on track (at least in the blog world!)  So, here are some of the things that we worked on this week (obviously not everything):

Morning Business:

We call our Morning Routine our Morning Business.  After the kiddos come in and have taken care of all the technicalities (bathroom, turned in homework, picked a partner) they start working on their Word and Number of the Day booklets.  We go through these together after morning meeting.  We do the analogies together on the board.  Sometimes we do Hink Pinks instead.

In Reading:

We are working on Making Mental Images.  I find that Christmas time is perfect for this! I start our Mental Images with the picture on the right.  We talk about what is going on in that picture (I found it on Pinterest). On our chart the C is for Comprehension.  We drew the senses on there to help to remember to try to picture all of those things while we are reading (I am such a great artist am I not?). 

Other fun stuff!
We are working this week on our parent gifts.  I won't be posting pictures of that until after the holidays!  I want to keep it a surprise!  But, I found this adorable freebie from Whimsy Workshop.  It is editable as well.

We talked about kind things that we could do for others during the last 12 days of school before Christmas Break!  So, the kiddos and I made a list and I typed each act onto Santa's Beard!  Each time we complete a kindness we cut it off and I made a box to tape up the strip to remind us of what we have done!  We are going to be doing things like writing "Bucket Filler" notes to other teachers, Thank you cards to the custodians, lunch ladies and office staff, cleaning up in the hallways, and asking someone new to play.  

I am going to be spending my day going through all of the wonderful ideas and freebies!
2014 Winter Holidays Tips and Freebies: Grades 1-2 Edition

Well, that is a few things that we did this week!  Stop back by next week to see what we are up to!  What are you up to?  

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  1. I love that they work on analogies most every day! That is great practice! In my 1st grade class, we are busy with...parent gifts, program practice, new math concepts (odd/even, symmetry) and holiday traditions around the world. There is a lot to fit into these next 2 weeks!
    Teacher Treasure Hunter


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