$25 Teachers Pay Teachers Giftcard Giveaway! Just in time for Cyber Monday...

Super Cyber Savings
Woo-hoo!  Maybe you have heard by now, but Teachers Pay Teachers is having their Cyber Monday and Tuesday sale!  Hurrah!  Everything in my store with be 28% off!  

I have several new products that I am very excited about!  Number and Word of the Day Booklets:
Word and Number of the Day: December Edition   Number and Word of the day booklets: November Edition
Word and Number of the Day: January Edition!

Here is a picture of them in use:

All of my Pick a Prompts are on sale as well!  Even the bundles:
Fall Pick-a-Prompt Writing Bundle!Winter Pick a Prompt Bundle

My Fall Pick a Prompt Bundle includes 4 products: My Back to School Pick a Prompt (August and Sept.), Anytime Pick a Prompt, October Pick a Prompt, and November Pick a Prompt.  Separately they would cost $16 as a bundle, only $12!

My Winter Pick a Prompt Bundle Includes: December Pick a Prompt, January Pick a Prompt, February Pick and Prompt and Super Silly Pick a Prompt!

 This little cherub liked her story so much, she went and got more paper!

Also, my best selling and most wishlisted products are on sale:
Commas to the Rescue! Comma usage unit   Nightly Reading Log Homework with Reading Responses

To help you a bit with your shopping, I am giving away a $25 giftcard (if you win you are not obligated to spend it in my store.  You can use it for any purchase on Tpt!)


  1. Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity, Hilary! I hope you have a great Cyber Sale!
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    1. Thanks Jennifer! I hope you do too! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks! hope you have a great Thanksgiving!


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