tsu blog hop and giveaway!

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Have you heard of tsu yet?  It is a new form of social media that pays you for socializing!  I'm not kidding!  It looks and feels a lot like Facebook, but at tus you are considered the author of your content and are paid for it!  What a novel idea!
I am linking up with some other amazing teacher bloggers who are already on tsu sharing away!  Come and join us!  Not to mention that you could win some fabulous prizes!

Check out these bloggers who have already joined tsu:

Then, enter to win some wonderful prizes and expand your tsu network!
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  1. Hi! For the giveaway, are we supposed to leave a comment on their blog or on their tsu page? Thank you!!

    1. Probably their tsu page! Thanks so much for stopping by! Good luck!


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