Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Scare and Share! Freebies and $1 sale!

Hello everyone!  I am sooooooo excited to be linking up with some amazing Indiana Teacher Bloggers to bring you Scare and Share!  You will find some incredible freebies and some great deals on some great products!  Have a great time!  Thanks so much for stopping by.

So, first up my FREEBIE!
Doubles Zombie!  A frightening math game.

This is my students favorite math game!  It's so much fun, they forget that they are practicing their doubles facts!

And...here are my items that are on sale for just $1

October Pick a Prompt! My first item is one of my Pick a Prompt products.  These are fun writing prompts that help the kiddos to get writing.  They have a choice of a character, a setting and a plot, then they write the story to go with it!  Check out the preview for a freebie prompt!

     Zombie!  Addition Game! Next, is the addition facts version of my Zombie game!  This game has all of the addition facts from 0+0 to 12+12!  

Word Collector for Reading and Writing Last, but not least is my newly revised and updated Word Collector!  My kiddos use their to collect fun and interesting words while they are reading to use when they are writing!

I hope that you are enjoying your freebies and your shopping today!  The next stop on the hop are my friends at Primary Possibilities! 
Primary Possibilities

Don't forget to check out these amazing one dollar deals while you are hoppin about!

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