Two For Tuesday!

So, for today 2 of my products are on sale for 50% off!  What a bargain!  So, my two products that are on sale today are:

Back to School Pick a Prompt!

This product is great for the "I don't know what to write about" gang!  
Your students pick one item from each category and write the story!  I have had kiddos who have tried to use all of the "prompts" in their story!  They love these.  Check it out!  There is also a free sample of a prompt in the preview.

My next 50% off product is my best seller: Commas to the Rescue!

Commas to the Rescue! Comma usage unit

This is a unit with posters and worksheets to teach commas!  I had one buyer say that she even wore a cape and dressed up as Captain Comma!  How fun it that?
Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my Two for Tuesday!

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