I'm reviewing FarFaria with a little Giveaway!

Ahhhh!!!! Summer!  Until you hear the dreaded "Mom!  I'm bored!"  We have only been on summer vacation for a little over a week and my boys are already bored.
Then, I received an e-mail from FarFaria and it seemed a heaven send!
Farfaria is a fun free app for children to read stories!  If you have a free subscription, you can read one a day.  For a fee you can upgrade to a 6 month ($23.99)  or yearly subscription ($39.99) and then your children can read their hearts out!
This app is designed for children ages 2-9 and is for both apple and android. It has over 700 stories with 5 new stories being added each week!  
I had a chance to use it myself and thought it was pretty cool!  The pictures are darling and the set up is easy to use.  
It is organized into these little islands such as Genius Jungle and Sing Along City.
The home page has lists of books that kiddos can peruse:

There is also a favorites page where the kiddos can save their favorites!

The true test of course would be for a kiddo to use it!
So, I gave it to my soon to be second grader.  He loved it!  He is a pretty good reader, so he was reading most of the stories on his own, but he also enjoyed listening to the stories being read to him.  He loved the stories and said it was a lot of fun!

 This would be great to use in the classroom for kiddos to read to themselves or to listen to reading! 
Thank you much for stopping by!  Don't forget to enter the giveaway to get your own free 3 month subscription!

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  1. Hilary, do the numbers at the bottom right hand corner indicate grade level? I could find anywhere that explained the numbers.
    Thanks, sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches

  2. Hi there! The numbers do indicate a reading level. If you have the app, at the bottom there is a "more" tab. When you open that tab, you get a list of different items. If you click on the "Reading Levels" part, it tells you what each of the numbers means. Hope that helps!

  3. LOVE adding this to my tool basket of keeping my kiddos busy and happy! THANK YOU for sharing, sweet friend!!! :)
    Hugs - Lisa
    Growing Firsties


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