April Currently!

Time flies when you are having fun right?  April is here already!  At least I am on Spring Break!  My boys have forgotten that today is April fool's Day!  I may have to remind them soon!  ;)

We really try to limit the amount of screen time that our boys have, but it is Spring Break!
I was browsing through my store today and some of my products need a face lift!
I am WAY over winter!  We had a 65 degree day yesterday, but today we are back to 35 degrees!  I need some Spring in my Spring Break!
Our school day officially starts at 8:45 and ends at 3:35.  
We have had 7 snow days this  year, so our last day isn't until June 11th.  Ugh...
So, what are you currently up to?


  1. A new tattoo! Exciting. I personally don't have any (I'm not that brave) but I'm always interested in the stories behind them. I'll keep my fingers crossed some warmer weather hits Indiana. Enjoy your break!
    The Imaginary Classroom

  2. I'm glad my kids aren't old enough to play pranks on me yet. My 6 yr old's idea was to put a letter for Daddy in the mailbox with nothing in it. HA! I'm glad you are enjoying Spring Break, hope you get some warmer weather for it!!

  3. I hope warmer weather is headed your way!!!


  4. Thanks ladies for stopping by! Today we are experiencing the infamous "April Showers" or in like a lion part of April (thunder storms). Oh well! I guess I will need to stay in and blog hop!


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