It's that time of year...Spring Cleaning... with a sale!

It is that time of year!  Time to do some Spring Cleaning!  

So, what I am doing?  Cleaning out my wishlist, leaving all kinds of feedback, then shopping to get all of those things that I still need!

If you are anything like me you have a TON of stuff on your wishlist.  I have over 500 items right now (oops!).  So, I plan to go through my wishlist to see what I am really wishing for!  Plus, my whole store is on sale too!  

Then, I am going to make sure that I leave feedback on all of the things that I have purchased.  I love receiving feedback, so I know others do to!  Plus I get credits toward other purchases!  Yeah!  Win-win!

Of course, then I will need to purchase some things from my wishlist and spend those TpT credits!  When is a better time to do that then when there is a sale going on?  Some AMAZING bloggers are putting their stores on sale to help with their spring cleaning!  You can check out this awesome link-up to see who is putting their store on sale and get your Spring Clean on!

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