Daily Math Puzzlers!

The lovely Laura Candler sent me her Daily Math Puzzlers to use with my class!  So far, so good!  I am always looking for ways to engage my students in problems solving in math, and this is an awesome resource for just that!
Daily Math Puzzlers Level A

We started with a discussion of how people use math in their daily lives.

We talked a lot about how we saw our parents and other grown ups using math.  We decided that when we get older, we probably wouldn't be filling out worksheets full of problems!  In fact, the only time we ever saw our parents doing that is when they were helping us with our homework.  
I love that this product came with the discussion starters.  I projected this page onto the screen with the Document Camera and wrote strait on the paper!
 The Daily Math Puzzlers Pack also came with some Handy Dandy reference sheets!  I made copies for the kiddos and we refer to them when we are doing our Math Puzzlers!  
I also really like how this product is organized.  
You work through all of the strategies one at time with the cherubs to give them some practice first.  My kiddo's favorite strategy was Act it out!  I have some huge hams this year!
I also like the amount of work space that is provided on the pages for the kiddos 
to figure out their answers.
My students are on their way to becoming master problem solvers!  Thank you so much Laura Candler!
To find this and other great resources you can check out Laura's Blog:
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Or her TpT store!

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