Bad blogger

Wow!  Sorry I have been missing for a while.  I can't even begin to make excuses, it has just been crazy busy around here!

I have the biggest class of my career (26 lovely darlings).  I must admit that I am overwhelmed.  It seems like just when I am starting to make headway, something happens and I have to start all over again.  We are still practicing some of our procedures! Don't get me wrong, they are a wonderful bunch of kiddos.  But sheesh, I am worn out!

So I apologize for being absent for a while!  I am guest blogging today over at the Organized Classroom Blog, so you can always go over there and check that out. It is one of my better classroom ideas!

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  1. 26 is a Bunch! I've never had more than 22. Hope they all start getting those procedures down pat! Sara

  2. Oh, Hilary! I am feeling this post! I am overwhelmed too! My group is a real handful this year! Hang in there!


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