Smilemakers and some freebies!

Hello there!  
This is my first product review.  
I admit it.  
I am a little nervous.
Okay... here goes!

I was recently contacted by Smilemakers to review a product of my choice!  Cool!
At first I thought that Smilemakers just did stickers and novelties.  Wow.  I was wrong!  They have all kinds of teachery stuff.  

If you have been following my blog, then you know that I am participating in Primary Inspired book study of Building Mathematical Comprehension.  (you can see that post HERE). So, I chose their Math Vocabulary Pocket Chart!  Working on how I teach vocabulary is one of my goals for this upcoming school year, so this is perfect! 

I admit that I have never ordered from Smilemakers before, but I was impressed with how fast it got here!  There's nothing like getting a big box is there?

I received the pocket chart for grades 1-3, but they also have a chart for grades 4-6. 

The pocket chart is very sturdy, eye catching, and colorful!  It comes with 40 sets of math terms. There are 3 cards for each term: a definition, a picture with a joke, and a problem to solve.  It is clear and easy to read.  It is very kid and teacher friendly. 

The big pocket is for the joke card. The jokes and the pictures are really cute! I don't know about you, but my kiddos LOVE jokes.  

It also has pockets for the definition card  and the problem card. Then, it comes with a pocket for an answer to the problem (see freebie below). You can choose a student answer to put in the pocket!  

On the back it has a large pocket to hold the cards. I really like that feature!  I can keep it all together!  The cards are also numbered so you can easily find which ones go together.   All in all this is a great product that I can't wait to use!  :)

You can find Smilemakers by clicking on the Smiley at the top, or any of the pictures!  

SmileMakers also offers Teacher Perks, added savings, just for teachers. Teachers will receive free shipping with any order of $49 or more or $4.99 flat rate shipping with any order of $48.99 or less. Teachers will also get special private sales & free gift offers!

Now for the freebies!

I made up these freebies to go with the chart! This is a page that I plan to cut in half and use for the kiddos answers to the problem on the chart!  You can get them by clicking on the pictures.
This one could be used for any math vocabulary.  I plan to make copies and have the kiddos put them in their "I Can" notebooks in the math section.  It also has a place for them to rate how well they know the word!  Good for self-assessment.  I use the "Fist to Four" rubric in my room.  Here is a link to a great web post about it!

Fonts by Jen Jones at Hello Literacy. 

Adorable hand clipart by



  1. This Graphic Organizer for Math vocabulary will come in handy this year. Perfect timing since this week my focus is Math.

    Thank you.


    1. Debbie,
      You are welcome! I'm glad you can use it!

  2. I'm opening my box today:)



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