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I am linking up this week at The Teacher’s Chair to share my lesson plan book.  I change the way that I plan lessons a lot!  I never print out too many pages because I like to tweak things!  I have a lesson plan template that I print that has all of the important and repeating times: specials, lunch, recess, switching for different subjects…
August21August22 Of course, each month the theme and color scheme changes…
I still like to handwrite my actual lessons though.  I keep all of my plans (for now) in a binder.  I plan to streamline it a bit by making a simple one page plan for the week, then making more detailed plans for my groups (reading and math). 
one page lesson plan
I am not done tweaking this one, and I don’t have my specials schedule yet, so it is still a work in progress.  I also still have to figure out how I want to make my guided reading and guided math plans.  I have this weird sickness though, I love making forms…Smile
The binder that I keep my lesson plans in I made as part of my Master’s program. 
plan book 001   plan book 002  plan book 003    plan book 005
I also keep my plan book on a “pedestal”.  It sits up off my desk, so I put stuff underneath it!  (It is actually a phone stand, put my plan book works so well on it!)  I stole this idea from one of my brilliant colleagues!
  plan book 006         plan book 007
So, what does your plan book look like?  Come on by, link up, and show off!


  1. Super cute. I am jealous of you and Tracey at The Teacher's Chair. Maybe I should unlink mine because it's so boring!! Now I'm motivated and want to make something like this! Do you have any templates in your store? (I'll go look now!)

    Allison Stuckey
    Stuckey in Second

  2. So cute!!!! I love the idea of having the planner on a pedestal! No piles on top of it! hahah. Your forms look great- I know what you mean...I am form obsessed too. Like you, I keep separate plans for guided reading and guided math. My colleague says I have a binder problem :) Thank you so much for linking up your great ideas today! Hope to see you again this week!
    The Teacher’s Chair
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  3. Thank so much for stopping by Allison and Tracey! I love seeing what everyone else does in their classrooms! So much fun!

  4. Hilary! You are organized! Love it! I am going to take a cue from you and not print out too many of my lesson plan pages. I tweak things a lot too (especially at the beginning of the year when I am still getting to know my new students and their abilities) and that will make it easier. I am always using white out and crossing things out! Thanks for the idea!

  5. Your welcome Justin! Thanks for stopping by!


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