Back to School Hoosier Style!

I am not sure whether to Yahoo or Boo-hoo, but resistance is futile! It is almost time for back to school!

I am linking up with some wonderful Indiana Bloggers for a back to school Blog Hop!  At each stop you will find a freebie and a preview of a paid product from each of these lovely people!  Follow it all the way to the end and you will find a giveaway for a gift card of your choice for $75.00!  Wow!  Bloggers...start your engines! Happy Hopping!

Welcome Blog Hoppers!  I am so happy that you are here.  Anyway,  I don't go back to school until August 19.  We can't get into our classrooms until Aug. 5th, so this blog hop is a nice little distraction from all of the anxiety excitement I am feeling about going back to school :).

My Freebie is for Math Vocabulary.  This little product could be used at anytime during the year.  It includes 2 different pages: one for the beginning of the year, and one for later on.  It also has a fist to four rubric so the kiddos can so some self assessment!  

The next thing that I wanted to share with you has been a long time in making!  It is not necessarily Back To School although I usually would use it at the beginning of the school year:

This product contains:
Posters for the noun rules:
· Nouns
· Common and Proper Nouns
· Singular and Plural Nouns
· Basic Possessive Nouns (adding –s)
· Practice page (to be copied double sided) for each of the above skills.

· Noun sort with a recording sheet,
· Ninja Noun matching game.
· Each game
· Front cover page (could easily be glued onto the front of a clasp envelope)
· Student direction page
· Teacher direction page.
· Also includes A common and proper noun classroom search.

Thanks for stopping by!  The next Blog on the hop is at Twenty-Something Teacher Tales!  Please click on the Blog hop button at the top or bottom to continue onto the next stop!

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  1. Hi Hilary! I am really enjoying the great items I am gathering on this blog hop! I love the idea of the Noun Ninjas and think my kids will get a real kick out of that. The math freebie is super, too - vocabulary is key! Thank you so much for the hop. I hope you can come link up some of your cute products and/or blog posts with me this week! Happy to be a new follower :)
    The Teacher’s Chair
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