Field Trip(s)!

I don't know about for you, but for me it seems that May is Field Trip season!  

 Since the start of May I have been on 4!  Two of them with my own class and 2 of them with my boys.

Every year we take walking field trip to explore our community. We go to the Police and Fire Stations and to the Library.   Not to mention that we have a McDonald's picnic lunch.  We work it off with all that walking!  This year at the Police station we got to see a K-9 demonstration.  The kiddos loved it!  They always love seeing the dogs!  

We also go to the Lincoln Park zoo which is always fun!  The kiddos spend the month of April working on their Animal Reports.  The kiddos can't wait to see "their" animal up close and personal!  

So, you may ask, what did you do with your personal days this year?  
went on field trips with my boys!  I did get to go to some fun places, but it is almost more work than taking my own class!

With the oldest child this year we went to The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, and to the Speedway and Conner's Prairie in Indianapolis!

With my youngest we went to the Michigan City Zoo.  It is also called the Washington Park Zoo!  We had a lot of fun with field trips this year!  

What kinds of trips do you take with your class (or your own kids)?


  1. My 4th graders take 5 every year. The first one is a preview day at the YMCA, then in May we take them for the Destination YMCA Fun Day. We, also, take them to a symphony concert, their new Intermediate school, and the local nature center. We considered taking them to the local waste management facility, but our principal decided it was too dangerous.
    We took our last one on Friday, and I'm exhausted. I can't wait to teach 2nd grade. They only go on one to the movies.


    1. Wow! We are only allowed to take 2 a year (bus costs). We stretch it to 3 because we walk to our last one! They are exhausting, but the kiddos love and remember them, so it's worth it! Thanks so much for leaving a comment!

  2. Ahhh...field trips. My grade level was smart this year and had our "field trip" come to our school. That's right. No bus. No kid puking on the bus. We were studying all about the Gold Rush and hired a company to come and let the kids pan for gold. They came dressed for the part and the kids got to try two different methods for panning gold. They also got to try throwing an ax which was a nail-biter. Looks like you, your students, and your kids have had an action-filled month! That is so cool to have the kids do animal reports and then visit the zoo to see "their" animal. I wonder if you have any budding vets or zoologists in your class now!
    Justin Knight- Writing Pad Dad
    Writing Pad Dad Blog

    1. Wow Justin! That sounds really cool! I want to pan for gold!
      The zoo trip is always fun, but last year I did have 2 pukers! That part wasn't fun. It went much better this year. My oldest got to throw an ax at Conner Prairie. He got a huge kick out of it!


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