Teacher Hat, Mama Hat

Okay, so, one of the reasons we bought our house it that it is 2 minutes away from my school.  This means that my two cherubs attend the same school where I teach.  

I can bring the posse (if you can call 2 boys a posse) in with me in the morning, and bring them home with me in the evening.  This is both a blessing and a curse.  My boys LOVE my classroom.  They love to see what I am teaching.  My youngest loves to post his own rules for my kiddos!  
It says Be Quiet, Ears listening
Voice is over.  Not to bad for a kindergartner!

The oldest one LOVES my classroom library (It is pretty amazing I must say!) But, my books disappear and end up at my house.  My teaching materials end up in places I would have never thought to put them!  Of course, I don't have to put up with all of the fun stuff that they "learn" on the bus (my oldest's proudest moment in 2nd grade was learning how to "armpit fart").  I also don't have to send them out in the weather to wait for the bus.  

Now, I will admit this (and you will be totally astounded) I am not the most organized person in the world (that would be the hubba).  So, he tries to take care of "school stuff".  Of course he expects me to know what is going on at school.  I know exactly what is going on at school in MY classroom.  What the other teachers in the building are doing is a complete mystery to me!  That being said, I feel like I should know what is going on.  
Of course, Hubba isn't the only person who feels that way.  Other parents in the building are often asking me questions because I should know what is going on.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

Okay, sorry.  I feel better now.  
I must also confess that my boys are...somewhat...behaviorally challenged.  They are 100% boys.  Of course, this makes me more sympathetic to the boys in my class.  But, that teacher's kid is always in trouble!   This of course can also backfire.  Just today my youngest busted into our staff meeting (the principal really appreciated that one) to tell me something.  Of course the rest of the staff said that his entrance was the highlight of our meeting, but there it is.  Teacher hat, Mama hat, it's hard to wear both!

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  1. I also take my kids to school with me, so I'm right there with ya! My oldest is in Middle School this year so I only have my 3rd grader with me which is better--no fighting! He's all boy, too, and definitely keeps the rest of the staff entertained! I just shake my head . . . .

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten

    1. It's always an adventure. Mine aren't the only ones in the building thank goodness, but mine seem to be the most behaviorally challenged.

  2. Hi Hilary! Imagine if your husband was also a teacher. That's what our poor son has to deal with. Taking your kids to work with you is a HUGE perk (also one of the exceedingly small number of perks teachers have). The Missus is looking forward to our son attending school with her next year. We also moved to live very close to work. Such a sweet deal!
    Justin Knight- Writing Pad Dad
    Writing Pad Dad Blog

    1. Hi Justin!
      It really is, but my husband works from home, so we don't have to deal with any of the before/after school stuff. They do sometimes ride the bus if I have something going on at school, but it is really nice to have both options available!

    2. Hi,
      Great post- I can relate! My two boys DO have both mom and dad teaching at their school! Poor fellas! When they were younger, they came with me, but now that my husband and I are teaching at the same school (and have been for the past five years) they haven't stood a chance! Like I always tell them, "I know when you're in trouble before YOU even know when you're in trouble!" Luckily, they don't get in trouble as much as they used to! ;)
      Creating a Thoughtful Classroom

    3. I am hoping they go along that path! They love coming in to school with me! Thanks for stopping by!


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