Just a reflection today.

Okay, I have been up to my ears in grading papers, doing school projects with my boys and coming down with a cold! 

I had a really great day at school today, but did nothing miraculous or picture worthy!  Now wait a minute...

I guess if I stop to reflect (which as a teacher I have little time to do) today was wonderful!  The kiddos did what they were supposed to do, I had a teachable moment and the resources to carry it out, we had fun playing WORDO,and  I got wear p.j.'s and have lunch with a great group of kiddos.  I bribed them with p.j.s and lunch in our classroom to get them to get their A.R. points early!  I had 14 kiddos who managed to do it!  Whoo!

 It was just another Out of this World day in Second Grade!  I am hoping for 25 more just like it!  :)  
Hope yours are Out of this World as well!


  1. Woo hoo for getting A.R. points early! You're smart to stop among all the craziness and reflect on what went great. Sometimes as a teacher, it's hard to remember to that because you're already on to the next lesson! :)
    Justin Knight- Writing Pad Dad
    Writing Pad Dad Blog

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    1. Thank you! I love your stuff it's adorable!

  3. Your blog layout is so adorable! I just started my new blog http://thepunctuatedpolkadot.blogspot.com/ so I am still getting the hang of layouts and design. Just wanted to comment and say your blog looks awesome!


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