Fessin' Up!

So, I guess mine was pretty easy!  #1 was the fib.  I was inspired by the movie :Product DetailsI couldn't resist a movie with Jack Black, Steve Martin and Owen Wilson.  A Big Year is an informal competition among bird watchers to see who can see the most different types of birds in one year.  My husband and I have been joking about doing a big year since we saw the movie!  
As for the other 2, I am really not a big television fan.  Most of the best shows aren't even on any more!  We don't even have regular T.V.  the only things that we watch, we get from Netflix.

I am a very fast reader.  My husband says that I am hard to keep in books.  
So, did you fess up?  I feel much better now!  ;)


  1. How did I miss this Linky? I could have done some good fibbing too! Also, how is it that I have never seen "The Big Year"? I am out of it! Funny post! I think you should start your "big year" now and start a series of posts to cover your adventures!
    Justin Knight
    Writing Pad Dad Blog

    1. We are always joking about "doing a big year". We have a huge backyard and so are always pointing out birds. We even have an owl!
      This was a fun linky! I am not the best liar however, most guessed pretty much right away, but I thought it was a novel idea! Thanks for reading Justin!


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