A tee-hee and a freebie...

Wowsers!  It's been a while since I have posted anything.  Life kinda snuck up on me!  My eldest son just had his 10th birthday!  I tried really, really hard to come up with something that we would like to do for the day that didn't involve having a party, but to no avail!  He wanted a party, so we had one for him.

So, a tee-hee!  My kiddos have been working on making inferences in class.  I gave them this sheet knowing full well that #8 would be on that they probably wouldn't know the answer to, but would lead to a good class discussion.  I was grading them the other night and I literally laughed out loud when I read this one: 

I guess Betty White is close to Betsy Ross!  Tee-hee!

Anyway, I feel like with all that I have to keep up with during the day I need a little help.  I forgot that one of my students was a car rider, and I had a few great (in my mind) ideas, but I forgot to write them down. I also have a few darlings that I need to keep pretty regular documentation on, so I made myself this sheet the other day.  Of course I had to make it cute:
Click on the picture to get yours!

The frame is by Moffat Doodles:

The adorable squirrel clipart is by Ashley Hughes: www.theschoolsupplyaddict.com

I hope you enjoy!  Did anything funny happen to you this week?


  1. Too Funny!! Hey, at least they got the "Bet"! I was talking to one of my kids about a book we were reading today and I asked her about the character and she said he was "Off the Chains". I had to turn & chuckle.. Kids are so funny!


  2. That is so funny!! One of my kids saw a picture of Betsy Ross and shouted, "hey! Betty Crocker!!" Apparently she is a hard one to remember! :-P
    ideas by jivey

  3. What a cute mistake! I love the freebie, too. Thank you!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

    1. Also, hey! I didn't realize you were an Indiana blogger, too :) Cool!

  4. Tee-hee! THank you all for stopping by! Those kiddos say the darndest things!

  5. Hilary,

    This just cracked me up!! You should send this picture to Betty White!
    Your blog design is so cute.


    1. Thanks Jill! I would send it, but I don't where! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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