It's Tee-Hee Tuesday! Come Link up!

 Who doesn't like to laugh?
I became a teacher because I love children, and they do say (and write) the darndest things!  Sometimes that is how I get through my days remembering the funny things that they say and do!  Who couldn't use a good laugh in the middle of the week? So here is how this will work(at least I hope!):

1.  Tell a funny about something that happened at school this week.
2. Tell about something funny personally (keep it clean) whether it be a story about something that happened to you or something funny you found out here in cyberspace!
3.  Come back here, link up your tee-hee, then start reading other funnies!  I do Farley's currently every month, so let's use her rule of 3:  Comment on the 2 before and the 1 after yours!  Even if it is just a "tee-hee"!  
So, this week:
1.  I love reading the things that kids write!  Writing poetry can be the funniest thing on earth.  So here are a few examples:  Yup, she's seven years old and she likes "bars".  I had to laugh.  It makes much more sense when you know that she is a gymnast, but it is still funny!

 This one is a little harder to read, but I thought it was so cute.  It says: skunk + man = bath.  Too cute!

2.  My boys at home crack me up as well.  This is a classic prank that you see on cartoons, but my boys surprised me with this the other day:Yup.  My oldest is on the bottom.  My youngest is on his shoulders and they are wearing my recess coat!  It was very funny.  They thought of this themselves.  Together they were taller than me!  They called themselves Mrs. Owen!  

Hazel Owl Credit Buttons/ImagesThank you to the Hazel Owl for the cute circle badge that I used to create my button!  :)


  1. Omg your student who likes bars is tooooo funny! Your boys are so cute. LoL.
    Im your newest follower, drop by. =)

    Just Wild About Teaching

  2. OMG that is hilarious! I also have two boys and if they didn't fight all of the time maybe they would do stuff like this! LOL


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