Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  I am so ready for the weekend.  I must say I am a little sad too.  I have been a Volkswagon Beetle owner for 12 years and today we traded it in for a mini-van.  My kiddos are really upset!  I have a few who routinely "slug bug" or "punch buggy" their parent every morning when they are dropped off for school.  Of course, their parents are probably relieved!  With that said, I am ready for a weekend.  Tonight is family movie night!  
I need to rest up because Monday is our Coffee House Poetry Day!  Stay tuned for fun pics!  What are you up to this weekend?


  1. I'm intesrested to hear about your coffee house poetry day. Will you please blog about it and let me know how you set it up and what is involved. We've never done one, but I'm thinking this year might be the year...maybe Read Across America Week.


  2. Deniece,
    Of course I will. I plan to do my post on Monday after I have it, then I will have some great pictures!
    Thanks for your interest!


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