Budding Blogger and Captain Comma!

Today I am being featured by Amanda Madden on her Budding Blogger Showcase!  Thank you so much Amanda!  
I bit the bullet the other day and opened a Teacher's Notebook store!  Woo-hoo!  
So, today I am promoting my newest product:  Commas to the Rescue!  Captain Comma helps Suzy and Stanley Citizen with their comma dilemmas!  It includes posters for each of the comma rules, a practice page (two sides) for each rule and a culminating quiz at the end!  Stop by and peruse it today!
You can find it here!


  1. Congrats on being featured. I have a couple things loaded on TNotebook, too. I need to upload more, but time is not my friend...lol. I'm trying to spread the word that I'm having my Birthday Giveaway this month. Up for grabs is a $15.00 Starbucks giftcard for every 25 new followers! Hope you'll hop by and register and also help me spread the word! The giveaway ends January 22--My birthday! Thanks again. Michele @ http://the-lightbulb-lab.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks Michele! I will stop by!

  3. You are so welcome! Congrats on your store...what an accomplishment! :) I look forward to continue sharing ideas in bloggyville!


  4. Welcome to the teacher blogging world! I've been reading forever, but just started my own blog on the 1st.

    I lived in central Indiana all through middle school, high school, and my family still lived there until last year. I miss it and visiting the snow and humidity always helped me feel more grateful for my current desert habitat.

  5. Hi,
    found your blog from Teaching Maddeness! So adorable. Good luck with your new shop I'm sure I will be stopping by:)
    Come on over and check out my blog
    Leading and Reading

  6. How exciting! You have to give me the scoop on how you got started. I want to open a store, but I'm too scared!


  7. Thank you all so much for stopping by! Karen~I just jumped in! I put up some things that I made and hoped for the best. I'm not rich (yet) but it is fun knowing that I am helping other teachers and other kiddos. :) No better feeling than that!


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