Do you CAFE?

As I have posted before I am a huge fan of the Sisters, D5 and the Cafe menu.  I have seen a ton of different ways that it is done in a ton of different classrooms.  I like to do a hybrid.  I let the kiddos write some of the strategies, and I write (or print) others.  Here is a picture of my board at this point in the school year.  Actually, since I have taken this picture we have added a few more strategies and EVERYONE has a goal!  Woo-hoo!  We decided as a class that "Choosing Good Fit Books" was important for all of the strategies, so we put that one at the very top.  You can see it above the A and F.  I use the super sticky sentence strips.  I ran out of green this year, so that is why all of the comprehension strategies are in orange.  The hand is a cute 5 finger re-tell poster that I found on Pinterest, it was made by Mrs. Shehan.  I also made the kiddos a copy which they keep in their reading notebooks. 
My infinitely more talented teaching partner also made coloring pages to go with each of the Accuracy Strategies. We are using the "Read Like the Animals" approach. We have the kiddos write down the strategies at the bottom, and color the picture to go with each animal strategy.  They also keep these in their Reading Notebooks.    My big contribution to that was Xavier the Cross Checking Deer.  We thought of "Deer Crossing" when we were trying to come up with that one.  Does anyone out there have a good animal that they use for Cross-Checking? 


  1. I teach first grade and implement a version of the Daily 5 and CAFE strategies also. I love the idea of having a reading notebook where the students keep their reading strategies. My class uses math journals to solve problems and complete math work. In the front of the journals we write our mathematician statements such as "Mathematicians model, draw, and explain their thinking" and "Mathematicians can use tools to help them solve problems." The seem to really refer back to those statements to help them in math. I could see how having reading strategies in a literacy journal would help the students refer to as well. I can't wait to try this!

  2. I love the that math idea as well! We have a math notebook where we keep,out calendar, and math poems, but I like your "mathematician statements! Thanks so much for your comment! It has given me something to think about tonight (besides the election of course)!


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