Here We Go!

So, here we go on a new adventure in my teaching career!  A blog.  This is totally a foreign concept to me, so I will learn as I go.  First thing I need to learn is how to use my fonts.  Anyone?  Any suggestions would be great as well.  I am excited, nervous and a little apprehensive, but optomistic! 
I am trying to figure this all out.   My favorite subjects to teach are Reading and Writing, so my first post will be about writing.
I am always on the fence about teaching prewriting graphic organizers to my kiddos because they often spend their whole Writer's Workshop filling in the graphic organzier, then they claim "I'm Done!"  Often it is hard for them to make the leap from filling it out to using it to write their story.    I hope it helps to get the point across that the organizer is only the beginning! Okay, so I am going to post one as a freebie!  If you like it, check out my TpT store for more!  :)
Click to download (I hope!)

Classroom Freebies Too

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