Halloween Poem/Monster Menu

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So, back to thinking about poetry. Every year about this time, our poem of the week is called: If a Giant Monster... It is adorable! I did not write this poem, nor do I know who did, but we use it every year and the kiddos love it! We then talk about what kinds of things we think that monsters would like to eat, such as ketchup soup and mustard stew. The boys especially like this one. Then, we make a Monster Menu with all sorts of nasty items we think that Monsters would like to eat (think Shrek!). So, I posted a freebie on Tpt with the poem and a copy of the Monster Menu! Enjoy! If you like it please leave feedback and let your friends know where they can get a copy! Thanks so much! :)


  1. What a cute poem! I know my kiddos will love it too! =)

    I am happy to be your newest follower. If you get the chance, I would love for you to hop over and visit me. =)

    Heather's Heart


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