4 Fun and Engaging Writing Center Ideas! Freebie Alert!

Post Cover with 4 Fun and Engaging Writing Center Ideas! in text

My writing center is the hub of my classroom!  It is everyone's favorite spot!  Read on to find 4 fun and engaging writing center ideas! Pssssstttt...keep reading, I think I see a freebie in your future!
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Picture Book for Teaching Adjectives: Mentor Text Monday {FREEBIE included!}

Toad by Ruth Brown Book cover and Text: Mentor Text Monday

I'm Back!  Welcome to Mentor Text Monday!  Today I am sharing with you a fantastic picture book for teaching adjectives!  Click Read More to continue...

5 Tips for Parent Teacher Conferences

5 Tips for Successful Parent Teachers Conferences! with Freebies

It's that time of year again,  Parent-teacher conferences!  Now, I know that some teachers dread parent-teacher conferences. I am not one of them.  I enjoy (most) of my parent-teacher conferences, so I thought I would share some tips to help YOU enjoy them a little more!  Click the read more button to read on!

Blog Mini-Series: Getting Ready to Go Back to School! One week and counting...

Back to School is just about here (for me at least).  I meant to do this blog post earlier this week, but time got away from me!  We got back from our vacation on Tuesday, so I have been working in my room every day since Wednesday.  Here are the things that I have been working on in my classroom to Get Ready for Back to School!

Blog Mini-Series!  Getting Ready for Back to School: Down to the Wire! with a lesson plan template freebie!

Getting Ready for Back to School Mini-Blog Series: 2 Weeks to go...

Welcome back to my Getting Ready for Back to School Blog Mini-Series!  So, only 2 weeks left to go.  You know what that means right?  You are running "Outatime"!  Your summer is ALMOST over!  What am I doing?  ME time!  or more importantly, family time!  This is a great time to STOP thinking about school for a minute.  I know, I know.  That is REALLY tough, but once school starts it is even HARDER to stop thinking about school for a minute.  Do it NOW.  I promise you won't regret it.
Mini-Blog Series!  Getting Ready for Back to School.  Two Weeks to go...#backtoschool #itsallaboutme