One SUPER SIMPLE thing that I do everyday to help my teacher sanity!

Teacher Tip: One SUPER SIMPLE thing that I do everyday to help my teacher sanity!

So, I have to tell you honestly, I almost feel silly writing this post.  But, teaching is HARD and anything that I can do to help make it even a little easier is always a good thing! This tip is really kind of a no brainer, but I didn't put it into practice until last year and it has really helped with my teacher sanity!   Read on!

8 Morning Work (Bell Ringer) Ideas with Freebies Part 2

8 Morning Works Ideas (Part 2)  for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade that don't involve worksheets! These fun morning work routines will help you set the tone for your day! You will also find ideas for morning work tubs, free activities, and even some paperless bell ringer choices!  Most ideas are little to no prep! Morning Work ideas for Reading, Writing, Math, Book Shopping, and Computers!  Don't forget to save and grab your freebies!  #morningwork #teachers #primaryplanet

Welcome back to Part 2 of my Morning Work Ideas post!
So, without further ado, jump right in to check it out and grab your freebies!
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Book Talk Tuesday: How to Train a Train with a How to Freebie!

Teachers!  Check out this fun Book Talk Tuesday blog post about a great  Mentor text for How to Writing!  How to Train a Train. Don't forget to snag your How To Writing Graphic organizer writing template freebie for 2nd grade. #howto #primaryplanet

Hello all!  Thanks so much for stopping by for another Book Talk Tuesday! This week's Mentor Text is perfect for teaching How to Writing!
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Mentor Texts for Writing: Teaching Syllables and Haiku!

Mentor Text for Writing: Teaching Syllables and Haiku with a freebie!

I LOVE teaching my students to write poetry!  I love writing poetry myself.
Haiku is my favorite type of poem to teach and to write!
I would like to share with you just how I go about teaching this in my classroom and the books that I use to as Mentor Texts for teaching Haiku Writing!
I have teamed up with some other amazing teachers from the Reading Crew to bring you this fun hop with great giveaways and freebies!
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Keep reading to learn more and don't forget to grab your FREEBIE!

8 Morning Work (Bell Ringer) ideas with freebies! Part 1

Image of Sun and Text: 8 Morning Work Ideas

Ahhh...the first 20 min. of school after you have happily greeted all of your darling cherubs.  We want them to be busy, independent, learning, and calm.  I want my morning work to help set the tone for the day.
I don't know how you feel,  but as a teacher, I really don't want morning work to be something that I have to later grade, so I have a few ideas for morning work (or bell ringer work) that doesn't involve worksheets or a whole lot of planning! This post is the first in a 2 part series.  Today are ideas 1-4!
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