Book Talk Tuesday: Making Inferences with Du Iz Tak by Carson Ellis

Here I am again!  Another Book Talk Tuesday!
We are working on Making Inferences this week in second grade.  Inferring can be tough for second graders, so we practice a lot!
This week we are Making Inferences with Carson Ellis'
Du Iz Tak!

Making Inferences with Du Iz Tak by Carson Ellis with a comic book freebie!

This beautifully illustrated book is sure to be LOVED by your class.
A series of bugs (speaking bug no less) find a sprout and are curious to see what it is all about.
They decide to put it to use, but have to contend with a spider, a bird, and a flower.  All the while there is a caterpillar who is going through metamorphosis and some helpful neighbors who watch with interest the goings on of the young insects!

Here is fun Youtube video that shows some of the pages of the book:

This book is perfect for making inferences (unless of course you or your students are fluent in bug).  There are plenty of clues in the pictures and text for your students to infer what the bugs are saying and doing.

Of course, I have a freebie for you!
This page has a reminder of how you make an inference, plus a few recreated scenes from the book so your kiddos can infer what the bugs are saying! Click on the picture to get your copy!

Making Inferences with Du Iz Tak by Carson Ellis with a comic book freebie!

If you don't have this book and would like to get a copy for yourself, you can find it here using this affiliate link (affiliate links provided to fund future Book Talk Tuesday book purchases!) I make a small commission at no extra cost to you!  Thanks for your support!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Is there a book you would like for me to review and make a freebie for?  Make a comment and let me know!

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