December Daily Deals!

Hello again!  So nice to see you again!  I am teaming up with some other lovely teacher authors to bring you:

Just search the hashtags on Tpt to take advantage of some amazing deals!

So, without further ado, here is what I am offering for #Merry Monday:

I am offering 2 products for $1 for #MERRYMONDAY


This is one of my newest products.  Writing Warm-ups are quick fun writing activities to get your students' creative juices flowing! Writing Logs are quick daily writing exercises to be done at home. These can be used as morning work, a quick transition time filler, or right before you start Writer's Workshop or your writing block. The warm-ups/logs are a great way to supplement your writing curriculum as well. You will find warm-ups to reinforce verbs, commas in a series, characters, editing and revising, descriptions, leads, voice, opinion, synonyms, ideas, and handwriting!


My Pick a Prompts are the best selling products in my store!
These engaging, visual writing prompts with choice will get even your most reluctant writer writing! These fun writing prompts are no prep, just print and go. They are at the top of the paper that your students will do their writing on. They are also useful for ELL as they offer a lot of writing support! These are perfect for Writer's Workshop, Work on Writing, Writing Centers, Substitute Teachers and Fast Finishers. These Pick A Prompts are a great way to let the kiddos choose what they want to write about, while also helping to spark their imaginations! They are perfect for those "I don't know what to write about!" kiddos. Students choose a character, a setting, and a “plot”. The beauty of this is that they can use one from each category, all of them from each category or any combination in between! They are also great for Work on Writing during your Daily 5 time, writing centers, fast finishers, writing homework, or leaving for a substitute teacher! Here is my blog post about them: Rethinking Writing Prompts.
They are normally $5.00, so $1 is a steal!

Check back tomorrow for my Tuesday Deals and My Weekly Series: Book Talk Tuesday!

See you then!  


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