Just let me teach...a little vent.

Most of my posts are about the things that I am doing in my classroom.  I post about products I make and products I use.  I post about ideas that I want to share with other teachers.
I LOVE being a teacher.  I LOVE working with kiddos everyday.  
That being said, I am greatly disturbed by the things that I see happening to public education today.  I am lucky enough to teach in a grade that doesn't have to do much "standardized" testing.  The testing that I do is mainly for me.  As testing should be.  Assessments are supposed to be for guiding instruction, not for penalizing teachers, schools, and students.  I am greatly disturbed not only for my students, but for my children as well.  My son took 17 standardized tests in third grade.  He took tests to see how he was going to do on the test.  He took state mandated tests, he took corporation mandated tests, do these tests do anything to improve his learning or his school experience?  He started to dislike school in third grade.  He sees no value in the tests.  Mainly he does well, when he bothers to try.   Do I want his teachers to be evaluated on what score my son gets on a standardized test?  NO!  Do I believe that this is an accurate measure of what his teachers are doing in class everyday?  Heck no!
His teachers have been wonderful caring people who work with my kids and others everyday (whether the kiddos want to learn or not).  They see my children as much more than a test score.  All of this testing is INSANE!  I have seen children in my building cry, throw up, and try to miss school because of these tests.  I honestly think that this is child abuse.  Why are we doing this?  Do these tests really measure what children are learning?  I know that there are schools that no longer teach anything but reading and math because that I what is on the tests.  Is this really what we want for our children?  Good test scores?  I would rather my children love learning, enjoy going to school and know how to find out the information that they need to know.  
As a teacher I see so much time being eaten up by "test prep" by computerized tests to see if kiddos will pass a test, with unnecessary paperwork and data collection and rigamarole that is taking teachers away from doing their jobs of actually teaching.   It is disheartening and scary.  I could go on forever about this particular subject.  All I really want to say is : Just let me teach!


  1. I completely agree with you Hilary. It's sad that these little ones can't explore, play, and be creative. We are too busy testing, or getting ready to test. It scares me for the future of our young ones.

  2. I agree with you, it is one of the many things that I love about teaching in a catholic school. Yes we have a standardized test but we use it to see growth in students and where there is a need. We do not over test which is wonderful.
    Frampton's FUNdamentals

  3. I could not agree more!! whats even sadder is watching the 2nd graders start to get anxious because they know about all of the testing in 3rd grade!! :-((( I see kiddos getting younger and younger starting to hate school

  4. You are SO right. It's absolutely crazy. With all the CCSS trainings I've had to attend this year, I am also left thinking, "Please, just let me teach". There are too many things getting in the way of teaching and it seems that EVERYONE has an opinion on schools and teachers whether or not they've ever taught or know what they are talking about!

  5. I know here they are already talking about doing MORE testing and pushing it down into Kindergarten. They want everyone to be "College and Career Ready". Kids needs to play, they need to explore, they need to enjoy school. I think all that we will see from the result of these "reforms" is less children who are willing to stick with it when it gets hard because they have no love or appreciation for it. They are tired of being tested by the time they get out of 3rd grade. It is really sad.
    Too many "reformers" think that they know what is best for schools just because they have money or have been to school. I do my very best to teach, but it is getting harder and harder every year.
    Thank you all so much for stopping by and listening to (reading) my vent.

  6. I agree!! We are told to use different learning styles to teach children. We pull for small groups to meet for all the different learning needs. Yet everyone takes the same standardized test and is scored and judged the same way. Seems a little unfair to me!!!!

  7. I agree. Of course, the only way this is going to change is if we get parents involved. They aren't listening to the teachers anymore. Of course, I do vote.

  8. Completely agreed. I am a "testing grade" (isn't that sad that we know categorize 9 year olds as "testing grades") and have students cry over tests that do not help me as their teacher or them as learners. It is so frustrating, as soon as I report the data for one assessment, another one is due.

    I agree, it's disturbing and I ...just want to teach!

    The Reading Buddies

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