Book Raffles!

One of my very favorite parts of teaching is reading aloud to the kiddos.  I always try to pick a story that moves me as well as them.  I have a really awesome group of "story kiddos" this year.  No matter how they behave the rest of the day, they are good as gold when I read a story!  
That being said, I read a lot!
Anyway, the kiddos are always want the book that I have read.  I used to just give it to the first kiddo who asked, but then it became the same 2 all the time.  Then, along came Pinterest!  I read that someone (if it was you let me know!) Who did "Book Raffles" with their kiddos!  I have the can of sticks with everyone's # on it (that way I don't have to re-make them every year).  I write the numbers at the bottom.  When they have been chosen for a raffle, then I turn it over so their number is at the top and I don't pick those next time.  When I read a story, I raffle it off.  I make a huge production out of it too, and the winning kiddo always feels like they have won a huge prize!  Of course, that book becomes a hot commodity for a few days, so when she/he is done with it, it goes on the marker rail on our front whiteboard for sharing purposes.  It works really well for me and my kiddos!  

Don't forget this weekend both Teacher's Notebook and Teachers Pay Teacher are both having sales!  I'm going shopping! :)

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