To Snack or Not to Snack? That is the question!

Hello everyone!
Today I want to share with you my thoughts about Snack in the classroom!

To Snack?

Staves off hunger.
Gives the kiddos a break.
Keeps blood sugar levels steady.
Kiddos less grumpy.
No noise from rumbly tummies while the kiddos are trying to read.
I get to snack too!

Not to Snack?

Not everyone brings a snack.
Takes time out of your day.
Allergy issues.

That being said, I am a snack fan!
We have a snack in my class everyday after Writer's Workshop and before we start our Reading Workshop.  This gives the kiddos a break and helps them to ready their brains for the Reading block!
We do take a bathroom break during this time.

I only allow fruit or vegetables to be brought in for snack.  I do allow applesauce and fruit cups if the child brings his/her own spoon and is responsible for any spills!
If a kiddo doesn't have a snack, I don't provide one.
Snack time is a choice in our building, not everyone does one.
I have been doing snack this way for two years and I have not had any problems.
I do tell the kiddos that "fruit snacks" do not work because they are full of sugar.
Here is the procedure in my classroom:
(Our lockers are in the hallway.)
1.  Clean everything off of your desk.
2. Use the restroom and wash your hands.
3. Get your snack from your locker and bring it to your desk.
4. Stay at your seat while you are eating.
5. Clean up when you are finished.
6. Use the restroom and wash your hands before we start Reading.

Here is the snack note that I send home on Meet the Teacher night so that the kiddos and parents are aware of the snack rules:

You can click on the picture to get your own copy.

So dear readers?  To snack or not to snack?  What do you do in your classroom?  Leave me a comment below!  :)

Have you heard of Scribble Bands?

Hello!  I am so glad you are here!  Today I want to share with you something fun I found a while back on Facebook!
They are called:
Scribble Band

These are fun, color, floppy wristbands that you or your kiddos can write on for a quick note instead of their hands!
They come in all different shapes and colors and are they fun!
I am not affiliated with this company in any way, I just think that these are an awesome product!

Scribble Band

You use an erasable marker to write your note:

Then, rinse it off with cold water and wipe away your note with a rag!

There are all kinds of things you can use these for:
phone numbers
motivational notes

This company also has other items:
They have erasable backpack tags,
tags that attach to your dog's collar,
and my favorite:
Erasable sticky notes!
Be still my geeky teacher heart!  
You can find their website with all of their information here:

Scribble Band

They have given me a few to give away!
I am giving away 2 of these fun ScribbleBands below!
Good Luck!

We're Back! #oceansofdeals

Hurrah! We're back just in time for Back to School (at least for me!)

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Book Talk Tuesday (with a freebie of course!): Building Our House

Building Our House with a freebie!

Hello again!  Thanks for joining me for another Book Talk Tuesday!
This week I would like to share this little gem!
This is Building Our House by Jonathan Bean.  It is based on the story of his parents building their house when he was little!  How cool is that?
The illustrations in this book are lovely.
It is a great book to show perseverance, as this family build the house themselves. 
It shows them living in a trailer while it is being built.  It also shows how everyone in the family helped to build it.  We talked about what perseverance means, and why you need perseverance!  We also had a fun conversation about our dream homes!  I let them run wild with their imaginations.  Lots of slides, T.V.'s, and candy was involved!  You can find my little writing activity for free at the bottom of this post!
It is a very cool book.
If you would like a copy, you can find it on Amazon (of course!)

The link above is an Amazon Affiliate link.  If you would like to get your own copy you can click the link and go straight to Amazon.  If you make a purchase from Amazon I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope to see you next week for another installment of Book Talk Tuesday!  Same Planet Place, Same Planet Channel!  :)

We are at it again! #oceansofdeals

Sneek Peek!

We are at it again! 
This is going to be another amazing week of Deals and Steals!



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Draft paper with built in graphic organizers!
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You need to go and check it out!
It has been completely revamped and updated!
Writing Paper
This product is a fun addition facts practice game that my kiddos can't get enough of every year!
It is a basic "Bang" type game, but with Zombies and brains!

A frightening math game by Hilary Gard


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Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...We're back!

Another week of #oceansofdeals is coming!
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