Summer Stock up!

Hello all!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  
Today I want to share with youyou my best selling product: Pick a Prompt!
Super Silly Pick a Prompt
This is just one example of my Pick a Prompts I have many, many, more in my Tpt store.
These are fun, silly, writing prompts that give the kiddos choice over what elements they want to write about.  These are perfect for substitute teachers, fast finishers, or the "I don't know what to write about " gang.
Super Silly Pick a Prompt 

When I use them in my classroom we have a discussion before we write.  We read all of the choices and if there is something that they don't understand we clarify.  
I make a list of "key words" on my whiteboard easel, then let the kiddos turn and talk to  a partner about their plans for writing.

Then, the kiddos go back to their spots, circle their choices and write, write, write!
Sometime the kiddos make some modifications to help the prompt better fit their needs:
Super Silly Pick a Prompt
I also often challenge the students to use all of the elements!  My kiddos LOVE these and often ask for them.
I always keep a stack in my writing center. 
Here is a blog post from PAWSitively Teaching, we swapped with products.  She uses them a little differently:
Super Hero Pick a Prompt, Summer Stock up!

I have recently updated many of the prompts to include not only the grey and white lines, primary lines, and drawing space, but now they also have a plain lines option!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!
You can get your own freebie Pick a Prompt and find some other amazing freebies here:

My Personal Side Link Up!

Hello all!  I am linking up today with Molly from Classroom Confections to get "personal"!  We are posting our favorite cup or mug and what is in them!

So, here are my two favorites right now.  I am a coffeeaholic, so the mug is usually filled to the brim with coffee! It was a gift from a particularly difficult student who ended up being a doll by the end of the year.
The other is a fun plastic wine glass.  I usually drink water out of it because it is fun, but I won't say no to a little wine now and again either!  

You can click HERE if you would like to link up your favorite!


So, as I was sitting on the couch with the hubba last night I was telling him about this week's challenge.  It was a great conversation about goals and dreams.
So, we were talking about what I would do if I could ever drag myself out of my classroom.
I have been thinking about this a lot lately (but that is a whole other blog post!)
So, I told him.  I would own a bookstore.
Not a big, fancy bookstore.  NO!  A hole in the wall bookstore with an old fashion cash register and a bookstore cat!  Of course my bookstore would have an extensive children's book section (or perhaps it would be a kid's bookstore!)
Wouldn't that just be wonderful?

See what other people are DARING TO DREAM here!  
You can also link up your own!
Peppy Zesty TeacheristaSparkling in Second

Bright Ideas June!

Hello all!  I am here today to tell you about a Bright Idea for a free reading resource for your classroom!
I know that my main goal for reading is for kiddos to enjoy it!  So, I try to get as many different types of reading materials I can for my classroom.
Every year I have a few kiddos who are LEGO crazy!
Did you know that you can get the Lego Club Magazine for free?
I signed up and had it sent to my classroom.
Bright Ideas, Primary Planet

You do have to sign up for the Lego Club, but then they send the magazine for free!
They are one of the things that the kiddos go crazy for each month in my classroom!
You can sign up {HERE} for free!
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You can check out other Bright Ideas below!

Makeover Madness! #tptsellerchallenge!

I am particpating in the #tptsellerchallenge!  I am soooooo excited about the first challenge!  Makeover Madness!

I have been working on making over all of my writing prompts products for a while now, so it is nice to have another one our of the way!
When I first created these I used a myriad of borders, and only had 3 choices of lines.  With the makeover however:

My kiddos love these prompts!  They have such a great time with the characters and super silliness!  Here is an example of a super creative kiddo (she wanted girl characters!)
She did a great job making over the boys didn't she?

These prompts are perfect to leave with a substitute, for free writing, writing centers, and those "I don't know what to write about" kiddos!
My Super Silly Pick a Prompts will be on sale this week for 1/2 off {HERE}!
Thanks for stopping by to check out my Makeover!

Summer Bucket List!

I am linking up today with What the Teacher Wants for her Summer Bucket List linky!  I am soooo excited to be on Summer Vacation!  This was a challenging year on several levels and I NEEDED this break!  Hurrah!
So, for my Summer Bucket List:

I plan to read:

I will confess that I haven't started either of them yet.  I have been reading for pleasure like a fiend since school got out!  I am on a Jodi Picoult kick right now.  I just LOVE her books!

Life can throw you curve balls.  I had just resigned myself to the fact that I just wasn't going to go to the Teachers Pay Teachers conference in Vegas this year.  I was fine with looking at all of the posts on Facebook about meet-up and presenters and all of the fun things that were going to happen.
Then, I was contacted by another bloggy friend who needed someone to go with! I had a great month in May so I decided to go!  Yeah!  Nothing like a last minute trip to Vegas!  I am sooooooo excited!

We are HUGE Harry Potter fans here at Primary Planet Headquarters.  We went down to Universal Studios last summer to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and we LOVED it!
I was ready to quit my teaching job to go down there and teach kids to cast spells (that would still be teaching wouldn't it?)  We can't wait to go back (well, me and my boys...Hubba, not quite as much!)

So, my Summer bucket list is pretty short, but sweet!
What is on your Summer Bucket List?  You can join us by going here and checking out what everyone else is up to this summer!

Summer Reading!

I am linking up with Ciera over at Adventures of Room 129 to tell you about what I am reading this summer!
I live for summer so I can catch up on my reading.  I am a very fast reader though, so I usually have to buy a stack and go to the library a ton!  Here is my current stash:

(I couldn't resist the kitty in the picture!)
So, I am cheating a little.  I have already read:
The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty (I have lent it out already)
This one intrigued me from the first sentence!  I read it in a day because I could NOT put it down!  
They were all wonderful! 
 I love anything by Jodi Picoult.

So, other titles that I am working on:

I also like to catch up on my professional reading.  These are the books that I plan to read to better myself professionally this summer:
Both of these books were recommended to me by teacher friends.  I read a ton of math books last summer, so this is a reading summer!  I plan to do some fun reading first of course!
What are YOU reading this summer?

Head on over to Ciera's Blog to see what other teachers are reading this summer!
Adventures of Room 129

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I am off to do some reading!


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