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Hello all!  Thanks so much for stopping by again!  I am linking up with the lovely Jen from Teaching in the Tongass to bring you the most wishlisted items in my store, just in time for the big TPT sale!  Hoorah!

Nightly Reading Log Homework with Reading Responses!

My first item is my Nightly Reading Log Homework with Reading Responses! This is also one of my best sellers!

My second item is my best seller!  Anytime Pick a Prompt.  These are fun writing prompts with choice.  My kiddos LOVE them. Perfect for Anytime of year!

This is one of my favorite items in my store.  It was truly a labor of love!

In can save even more by getting my #1 and #3 most wishlisted items together in a bundle!

 Reading Log and Reading Response

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Text to Text Connections with Mo's Mustache and a freebie!

Using Young Hoosier Books, Text to text connections

Welcome back!  Thanks so much for stopping by!
This week I am sharing how I am using the Young Hoosier Book Awards Nominee Mo's Mustache by Ben Clanton.  We are working on making Connections.
We read Mo's Mustache and Stephanie's Ponytail by Robert Munsch. 
(You can click on the titles to see the books at Amazon).
Text to text connections

In Mo's Mustache,  Mo buys a mustache on sale. He shows it off to all of his monster friends and lo an behold, everyone has a mustache!  Mo tries a few other things and his friends continue to copy off of him.  He gets upset and asks them why and they explain that they think he is great!  So, the book ends with a fashion show.

In Stephanie's Ponytail, Stephanie is trying out a new hairstyle.  Just like in Mo's Mustache soon everyone is copying off of Stephanie.  No matter how she wears her ponytail, everyone else copies her style.  In the end of this book, Stephanie gets her revenge on the copycats!

These two are perfect for making text to text connections!  The characters are totally different, but in each story, they are being copied by their friends.
I would highly recommend both stories!
If you are working on making connections, I made these convenient little bookmarks for the kiddos to record their connections while they are reading.  You could also use it as a worksheet or a response page!
Making connections

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Young Hoosier Book Award Nominees and How I am using them in my classroom...with a freebie!

Hello all!
So, this week I am starting a series on the Young Hoosier Book Award Nominees for 2015-2016.
If you look at the official website, it says: "The purpose of the Young Hoosier Book Award Program is to stimulate recreational reading among elementary and middle school/junior high school children and to encourage cooperation between administrators, school media specialists, teachers, public libraries, and the community in providing reading experiences for Indiana school children."
You can click on this picture to learn more
Every year our wonderful librarian participates in this program.
We keep track of the books that the kiddos have read (or that we have read in class).
If they read 12 or more of the 20 nominees, she throws them a pizza party and they get to vote on the one that they like the best!
We LOVE participating.
I try to read one book a week to make help the kiddos out.
I even try to do an activity to go with each book.
So, with that being said, I thought that I would share the books and the activities with my readers!

The first book that we read was:
Young Hoosier Award books

Poor Goat is a little jealous when the "new guy", Unicorn, shows up.  He can do some amazing things that everyone loves!  He learns some amazing things that he can do when he finds out that Unicorn wants to be more like him.
It is such a fun story!
We read the story and talked about how everyone has things about them that are great!
Here is a little freebie to go with the book.

There are two different venn diagrams:
1.  Your students can compare and contrast Goat and Unicorn.
2. Your students can compare and contrast themselves with a friend!
venn diagram, young hoosier award books
Click on the picture or HERE to get your freebie!

Check back next week to see how I am using another Young Hoosier Award Nominee in my room!

Spooktacular $1 deals!

$1 sale!

Hi y'all!  I am linking up with a bunch of other Indiana bloggers to bring you this fun $1 sale!
These price are so low they are scary!
You don't want to miss them!

KitHub: Fun S.T.E.A.M kits!

Well hello again!  I am so glad to see you.  Today I am going to be sharing my experience with KitHub's fun electronics kit!  The founders Tara and Luz sent me this kit to try out!  We had a blast!

STEAM electronic's kit

Look at all of this fun stuff!

We couldn't wait to get started!
The first project that we worked on was the bot...
KitHub electronics kit!

We had to do some experimenting to get things in the right places and to get it to light up.
It was interesting to watch the problem solving that went into figuring out how to make it all work!
We eventually figured it out and were very excited about the results.  It was really neat to watch it "walk" around the table!  We especially liked the light up nose!

Then we tried the Super Hero cuffs!  This was really neat!
KitHub electronics kit

The wiring part was the fun part!  We had to try several things and reconfigure a couple of time to get it to all fit on the inside of the bracelet.  We discovered how important the + and - signs are when hooking it up!
KitHub electronics kit

It took us a few tries, but eventually...
KitHub electronics kit!


This kit also included some fun screwdrivers to take stuff apart with.  Who doesn't like to take stuff apart!
These project were so much fun!  My kiddos loved them!
You can find out more and order your own HERE:

Tech storage tip and Chicken Soup with Rice winner!

Giveaway winner
Congrats Crystal G!  I hope you enjoy your book!

Now, for a really quick tech storage tip!
This year as a school corporation have gone 1 to 1 devices. So, that means that every kiddo in my class now has a Chromebook.
This of course presented a bit of a storage problem.
Thank goodness for smart colleagues!
She found some storage racks that were meant for big pot lids.
Here is a picture of the ones that I have purchased.
lid holder for chromebooks
As you can see here, the chrombooks fit perfectly and neatly into the slots.
I labeled each slot by wrapping a small label around the bottom and numbering each slot.

technology storage tip

Then I can plug them in and life is good! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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