Check for Understanding...Beware of the Frog!

Check for Understanding, Daily 5, Check for Understanding

Hello all! Thanks so much for "hopping" by today!
Now that we are back in school, I am working on setting up our classroom routines and procedures (as we all are I am sure).
So, for Reading Workshop (I use the Daily 5 framework tweaked to work the best for me) once we have some stamina built up I start in with mini-lessons!
We have so much to cover don't we?
So, I usually start with Check for Understanding and back up and re-read.
Cafe Menu, Check for Understanding, Daily 5, Comprehension Strategies

I do this lesson several times, so I always try to pick books that I love.
Case in point: Beware of the Frog by William Bee.

Check for Understanding, Daily 5

This book is great!  It is perfect for Check for Understanding because it has a repetitive plot (with a fun twist at the end), but the characters change.
The kiddos love this book and so do I!  We can't believe that a little frog could be such good protection for poor Mrs. Collywobbles who lives next to a big, dark, scary wood full of creatures who come out to do her harm!

Every year I make and use these adorable Mr. Check in bookmarks by Lyndsey Kuster from A Year of Many Firsts:  They are part of this adorable freebie:

This packet is FREE... tons of cute posters, check for understandings.... worth printing!!!!

Lydnsey Kuster, A Year of Many Firsts

I start by modeling that I turn several pages before I start reading and put in the bookmark.
When I get to the bookmark, I stop and ask myself  two questions:

Of course the kiddos like to help answer the questions as well!
Then, I move the bookmark a few more pages and repeat the process.

Daily 5

Of course, I model at some point that I can't remember what is happening in the story.  Usually at least one of the kiddos knows how to solve that problem!  Go back and re-read!
So, we go back together and make sure we understand what is happening in the story before we go on.
Then, when we get to the end of the book, we do a retell using all of the questions on our Mr. Check-in bookmark.
Of course, the kiddos then get a chance to practice with their partners and then on their own during Read to Self.
We use this strategy all year long during our reading workshop time.
The kiddos get really good at it!

Thank so much for stopping by and seeing a bit of what goes on in Reading Workshop!

Back to School Desk Downsize

Hello all!  Soooooo good to see you again!  Thanks for stopping by!
So, all summer I have been blog stalking and reading about teachers who have (gasp!) given up their teacher desks.  I will be honest,  I LOVE and HATE the idea.
I have been mulling this one over for years (I am not kidding, years).
For the first several years I was in my school we were told that there was no storage so we had to keep every piece of furniture that we had been issued in our rooms. So, I had no choice.  
Well, recently some storage was discovered, so we can have excess items removed.
So, I bit the bullet, but not all the way.
I thought that I would ease into it with a desk downsize.  I will be honest, I LOVE having a space of my own in the classroom, I just wanted it to be a little smaller!
Here is a picture of what the desk looked like BEFORE:

In interest of being totally honest, this isn't MY desk.  I forgot to take a picture of my desk before the rounded part was taken away.  This one is next door in my teammate's room.  She gave me permission to take a picture because it was clean!

This desk is a monstrosity!   It is huge.  The rounded part was meant to serve as a meeting place for students, but it never really worked that way for me.  So, that is the part that I got rid of.I was also rearranging and had an extra computer table.  So my downsized desk is the straight part of the desk above and a computer table.  Here are some pictures of the AFTER:

I like that the amount of space that my desk takes up it smaller.  But, in case of a lockdown drill there had to be enough space for my kiddos to hide.  This is the one corner of the room that can't be seen through the window in the door.  I am very sad that this had to be part of the decision making process for me.  The one thing that is AWESOME is that there is NO room for clutter!  But What I have discovered is a lot of  the clutter that used to be on my desk has now been displaced to my meeting table:
desk downsize

So, not perfect yet...but will it really ever be?  Maybe my desk will be the next to go.  Stay tuned!  We'll see! 
So, what does your desk look like?

Back to School Survival Kit Exchange

Hey everyone!  You know what time it is:  It's Back To School!  What better way to celebrate than with some BTS goodies!
I was paired up with Stephanie from Mrs. D's Corner for this fun BTS Survival Kit Exchange!
Mrs. D's Corner

Stephanie did such a beautiful job with my box!  She is such a peach.
I took some pictures on the day that I received my box, thinking that I had everything.
So, I did what every good teacher does!  I put all of my new goodies away in my room for use!
Then, I discovered that I hadn't taken pictures of EVERYTHING!

1. This is what my box looked like when it arrived! I couldn't wait!
2.  I am a book ADDICT!  I have no idea how Stephanie knew that I didn't have this one!
3.  This dry eraser is so much fun!  I almost hate to use it.
4.  Green is my FAVORITE color!  These fun sticky letters great!  
5. Who doesn't need expo markers?  I love the fun colors!

Stephanie also got me some Ticonderoga pencils, which all teachers know are THE BEST!
Some fun colored pens (who doesn't like fun colored pens) and...
I have spent it already on some fun things for my classroom!

She was such a fun partner!  Thank you soooooooo much Stephanie!
You want to see some other Back To School Survival Kits?
You can check them out here:

BTS Giveaway! Erin Condren Teacher Planner and Frixion Erasable Gel Pens! Hurry!

teacher planner, erasable gel pens

I have been a terrible blogger lately!  I (like so many of you) have been working on getting my room ready!  We go back to school (eek) next week!
Well, to make up for my horrendous blogging I am giving away:

An Erin Condren Teacher Planner!  This thing is beautiful!


My favorite pens!  These are Frixion ERASABLE Gel pens!
Aren't they pretty!
They are my favorite teacher pens.  I love using them to make my lesson plans and writing in my planner!

These beauties could be yours!
Enter below!
Good Luck!

Teacher Time Saver Idea!

Hello all!  I am participating in the Teacher Time Savers Linky Party hosted by Literacy Loves Company! This is a little tip that has saved me a ton of time and aggravation over the years!
So, in my district we are required to wear a lanyard with our I.D.  I also have a "keychain" wallet, my keys and my trusty chapstick holder on my lanyard.  I wear it from the time I leave the house in the morning, until I get home after school.

Yes, I am a huge Harry Potter fan.  I was officially sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore.

The time saving part is the little wallet.  In my wallet, not only do I have my school I.D., but I also have a class list with everyone's emergency information, lockdown and emerency protocols, some bandaids, and a buck or two for emergencies.  So, now when we have any kind of drill at school, I don't have to scramble around my classroom looking for my class list and/or other pertinent information!  I also always have a bandaid which saves time on sending kiddos into the nurse at recess!

That's it!  Come on by and see other great Teacher Time Savers!

Back to School Sale!

Oh my!  I love a good sale!
This is the time to shop till you drop! I have been a fiend updating and getting things ready!
Everything in my store is on sale!
Stock up for back to school!

Back to School : Getting to Know You

These little "Mini-Missions" are a perfect way to get your kiddos out of their seats and talking to one another!  Plus it comes with and adorable hat and magnifying glass craftivity, sure to get your kiddos in the detective spirit!

Writing Prompts

These prompts are perfect for when you are setting up your Writer's Workshop routines!
The kiddos can work on a prompt while you are building up that all important writing stamina!  Plus, they are fun!  Check them out!

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