We are at it again! #oceansofdeals

Sneek Peek!

We are at it again! 
This is going to be another amazing week of Deals and Steals!



You can find amazing $1 deals on TpT by searching:
 Here are my offerings!

Draft paper with built in graphic organizers!
They fill in the graphic organizer at the top, and then write their first draft on the bottom an on the back!
You need to go and check it out!
It has been completely revamped and updated!
Writing Paper
This product is a fun addition facts practice game that my kiddos can't get enough of every year!
It is a basic "Bang" type game, but with Zombies and brains!

A frightening math game by Hilary Gard


For #2forTuesday I have 2 products on sale for 1/2 off!

and my new Fall Writing Prompt Cootie Catchers!  Get them 1/2 off!  That will be better than the price during the sale!

is all about FLASH FREEBIES!
I will be giving several items away for SHORT periods of time on Wednesday!

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This is a day to get a deal on Bundles!  I don't usually put my bundles on sale, so this is a rare event!  

My Mini-Mission Bundle is now complete and it has all of my mini-missions for an entire year!
What is a Mini-Mission?  These are short, fun, critical thinking activities that get the kiddos out of their seats and talking with their classmates!  My kiddos LOVE them!

and then, there is Friday! 
We have $350 worth of amazing giftcards to give away!

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This is a week that you really don't want to miss!
I am going shopping!
See you there!
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and we have a winner!

Signed copy of Teach Like a Pirate!

Thank you to everyone who entered my little giveaway!  It was fun wasn't it?
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It all starts up again next week!

Hope to see you there!  :)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...We're back!

Another week of #oceansofdeals is coming!
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You might not want to read this post...

So, I really went back and forth about whether to write this blog post.
I mean, this is information the world needs to know right?
I don't know...this is a Teaching and Learning Blog.
All of my posts should be about Teaching and Learning.
Well, who doesn't want to learn about this?
Okay here we go....

It's a surprise "Grown Up, Teachery" Book Talk Tuesday!  

I recently went to Dave Burgess's workshop about his book Teach Like a Pirate, and this what greeted us as we walked it.
and then......
He didn't even talk about it until half way through his presentation.
I don't want to ruin it if you ever get to go and see him
(and if you ever get that opportunity...GO!)

This is one of those teaching tools he calls a "hook".
It certainly "hooked" me in and got my attention!

He calls this kind of hook the "Taboo" hook.  Giving up some kind of secret or "taboo" information.
Good huh?  I am not going to tell you the secret, you will have to go and see him.

I was lucky enough to get to spend and entire day with Mr. Burgess.

By the end of the day I was TIRED and I sat the whole time.
Dave Burgess is ON FIRE about teaching.
He is passionate x2 and made me really think about a lot of the things that I do in my classroom.
He asked a question that really made me think: "If your kids did't have to be there, would they still show up?"  Think about it.
Another great quote from this day was "We want Makers not memorizers, we want Creators not consumers!"  I LOVE IT!
He is also very down to earth!  He signed about million books, and posed for a million pictures! He is also really tall! 
And...he told us not to tell anyone, but he sneezed into his microphone during our session and it was REALLY LOUD!  :)

If you haven't heard of him or his book, I suggest that you go and get it right now. I'll wait!

The link above is an Amazon Affiliate link.  If you would like to get your own copy you can click the link and go straight to Amazon.  If you make a purchase from Amazon I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for your support!

I really don't want to give too much away because it is that good.
So, if you want to know more, you can find Dave Burgess (and an AMAZING freebie if you sign up for his newsletter) HERE.

If you are still not sure (you are crazy...just kidding), I have another surprise for you!
I am giving away a SIGNED copy of Teach Like a Pirate in the Rafflecoptor below!  Thanks so much for stopping by and Good Luck!

Planet Points: Mini-Anchor Charts!

Hello again!  
Thanks for stopping by for this month's Planet Point!
I want to share with you an idea about anchor charts.
I LOVE anchor charts!  I think that they are the perfect way to make our thinking visible.  I am a staunch believer in making my anchor charts with the kiddos.
That being said, anchor charts take up a lot of wall space.
Sometimes you need a smaller "reminder" chart, or just a chart for one specific idea.
I have found that making mini-anchor charts works perfectly.
I also found that I LOVE to make them on Super Sticky Post-it notes so that I can move them around and stick them anywhere!
This one about making generalizations is stuck to our CAFE menu of reading strategies.
This chart was made when we were writing observation journals about our classroom tadpoles.  Every time we did an observation, I put this chart where the kiddos were doing their writing.  It really helped!

These are the Post-It notes that I used for my mini-anchor charts:

They are 8"x 6" and are the perfect size!  The ones that I have found come in four different colors:
orange, yellow, green, and pink.

I found mine at Meijer, but you can also find them on Amazon!
(What CAN'T you find on Amazon?)

The link below is an Amazon Affiliate link.  If you would like to get your own copy you can click the link and go straight to Amazon.  If you make a purchase from Amazon I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

#freestufffriday part 2!!!

There is still time to enter this amazing giveaway!  We will be choosing winners on Sunday!
Good Luck!


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